Robotic stations


Our robotic stations use state of the art Robotic and Artificial Vision Technology.
They are implemented on client’s specific request and according to the product to be packed. The continuous research for the best solutions raises our performance to the highest levels.

In combination with the pure robotic packaging, we have developed a very intelligent solution to detect the weight of the single products stacked in the boxes.
Every robotic line is carried out on stainless steel in considerable dimensions. The lines can be quickly dismounted and mounted again inside the plants with just a few passages.

All the format change operations are easily regulated through a control panel, on which also all the alarms and production data are visualized.

Main Features

  • Ideal for the ordered packaging of products into boxes and in different configurations
  • Connected to 2D, 3D, colour and laser artificial vision systems
  • Compact, fast, easy to use, versatile and programmable
  • Frame on stainless steel, aluminium and Spider Robot

Technical Features

Highly personalizable according to the product to be packed

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