Packaging line for frozen bread like sandwiches


INDY1 is a line designed for packaging of frozen bread like sandwiches or similar. The product is taken directly at the exit of the freezers und let through an intelligent colour vision system for the size control. The non-conform product is rejected, while the conform one gets counted and convoyed to the packaging station.

Two automatic filling machines are each able to singularly absorb the whole incoming production and to deposit the counted lot into the boxes arriving from the folding machines.
This “redundant” configuration avoids unnecessary stops of the preceding production lines.

Main Features

  • Easy use and maintenance
  • Fast extraction of the hopper
  • Advanced diagnostic
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Remote HMI control visualizable on tablet and smartphone

Technical Features

Speed: 20 boxes per minutes
Highly personalizable according to the product to be packed

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